Desserts, Cakes, Sweets & Snacks

Cakes and cookies:

Apple crumble – almost low carb


Chocolate banana cake

Christmas Cookies – with cinnamon, ginger and pistachio nuts

Cinnamon rolls – with wheat flour and sugar

Choco rye – more like bread but with lots of chocolate

Peanutbutter cookies


Apple puree – serve with greek yoghurt

Whipped coconut cream – dairy free alternative to traditional cream

Lemon mousse – tangy dessert

Orange mousse – no eggs

Skyr panna  cotta

Strawberry mousse

Hot Chocolates and Milkshakes:

Hot chocolate 

Strawberry milkshake


Chocolate with sesame seeds

Cocoa almonds

Liquorice almonds

Marzipan (chocolate eggs)

Salted almonds