Dips, Dressings & Sauces


Dried Chilies – hot out of the oven

Dips and spreads:

Avocado dip – with chili and lime (V)

Basil and pine nut pesto – with and without dairy (V)

Flavoured Butter: Basil, Chili/Salt

Curry mayo dressing

Hummus – not low carb/LCHF (V)

Mayonnaise – classic

Parsley and walnut pesto (V)

Pepper and walnut dip – Muhammara (V)

Creme Fraiche dressings:

Creme Fraiche curry dressing

Creme Fraiche mustard dressing

Salad dressings:

Lemon Mint Vinaigrette

Mormordressing ( Nana’s Cream & Lemon Dressing)

Spice mix:

Fajitas spice mix

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