Recipe: ‘Shrimp salad’ or ‘no bread shrimp open sandwich’

Have you heard about smørrebrød? Smørrebrød* translates into ‘open sandwiches’ and they are a stable of Danish cuisine. It is a slice of rye- or white bread with an abundance of delicious toppings, and often so many that you can’t even see the bread.

Guess what though – it is really easy to make ‘smørrebrød’ without the bread and this recipe is inspired by ‘rejemaden’ (shrimp open sandwich). A ‘rejemad’ is usually a slice of white bread with shrimp, mayo, dill, and lemon piled on top. To make the no bread alternative more filling I added shredded iceberg salad as well as tomatoes.

*if you want to read more about smørrebrød then have a look at Wikipedia: Smørrebrød



Serves 1 person

100g shrimps, peeled
1 large handful of iceberg salad, finely shredded
5-6 cherry tomatoes
1 large tsp fresh dill, chopped
lemon slices
1 big dollop of mayonnaise
black pepper

If in brine drain the shrimps in a colander. Wash and prepare the vegetables and if you do not have mayonnaise in the fridge make a portion of the two minute mayo.

In a small bowl arrange first the iceberg salad followed by the tomatoes and the shrimps.

Add the chopped dill, a good squeeze of lemon juice and a lot of freshly grated black pepper.

Finish with mayonnaise and serve straight away. 

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