Recipe: Two-Minute Mayonnaise

Apologies for the radio silence – I have been busy travelling, decorating, and meeting friends for the past month … and on top of that I have only had intermittent access to the internet. And with the excuses out the way, let’s get back to one of the really important things in life: FOOD!

For a very long time I have tried to make my own mayonnaise and it has been a long, a very long, journey with lots of failed attempts. Some went straight into the bin, others were edible but the texture nothing like mayo. So when I, finally, ended up with a thick, creamy, lovely tasting mayo, just imagine my joy. To make it even better, it can be made with a hand blender, so no messing around with pouring oil and making a mess.



2 egg yolks
250ml (2,5dl) oil (I use a light tasting olive oil)
1 tbsp white vinegar or lemon juice
1/2tsp mustard powder (optional)
1/2tsp salt

Combine the yolks, lemon juice or vinegar, salt and mustard powder in the blender cup. Pulse with the blender a few times to mix the yolks with the other ingredients. Add 100ml (1dl) of the oil at a time. Make sure it is completely blended before adding more oil. The mixture should get thicker each time you add more oil.

Remember the more oil you add the thicker the mayo becomes. If you want a thinner mayo, use one whole egg and one yolk, instead of two yolks.

The mayonnaise will keep for about one week in the refrigerator.

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