Recipe: No Fuss Orange Mousse

A couple of weeks ago I had a bagful of oranges and I thought – hey, let’s make orange IMG_4836mousse. Then I realised that I didn’t have any gelatine so I grabbed my bag and went to the supermarket, and then to another one and by the third supermarket I gave up. And I did also check the ‘pork departments’ but to no avail. Since then I have been told that it is available in most of the large supermarkets, so I must have been looking in the wrong aisle.

Anyway, I quickly placed an order with some friends who were coming to visit from Denmark and the other day I was finally able to make a portion of orange mousse. By then I only had three oranges left and I would recommend using  four or maybe even five oranges for this recipes if you want a tangy flavour and a more vivid coloured mousse.


4-5 medium oranges
100g Natvia Baking
2ooml (2dl) water
5 gelatine leaves
500ml (5dl) double cream (whipping)

Chocolate and fresh berries for decorating, e.g. blueberries and raspberries

In a bowl soak the gelatine sheets in plenty of cold water. Check the instructions on the pack.

Cut the skin of three of the oranges, avoiding too much of the white layer (I’m not sure what it is called). Then cut the skin into smaller pieces. 

In a pot bring Natvia, the water and the orange peel to the boil over a medium heat, stirring occasionally. In the meantime juice all of the oranges and pour the juice into a large measuring cup. When the syrup boils remove from the heat.

Remove the gelatine sheets from the water and wring as much water from them as you can. Add to the orange syrup and stir well – the syrup needs to be hot to dissolve the gelatine but it mustn’t boil. Pour into the measuring cup with the juice, mix well, and put in the fridge to cool.

Whip the cream into firm peaks. Take a small portion to the side for decoration. When the syrup has cooled down mix it with the cream a little at a time. Since there are no eggs in the mousse be very careful to mix in the syrup well before adding a bit more – otherwise there is a large risk that most of the syrup won’t be absorbed by the cream and will end up at the bottom of the serving bowl.

Decorate with fresh fruit/berries, orange peel, and/or chocolate.

If you like dessert mousse you will also like this lemon mousse


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