In the Style of: March

Hello there, I have decided to do a monthly update about some the things I have been up to, i.e. ‘In the Style’ of Louise. This will be about anything and everything, both highs and lows, and I hope you will enjoy reading it. And if you have any comments/thoughts or ideas please let me know, as always, I’d love to hear from you!


I got the walking bug! Again! I have always enjoyed walking and in London it was easy to walk everywhere. Here is AD it is more difficult, not only because of the climate (most of the year it’s too hot to venture out), but also because I am surrounded by five-lane motorways and no smaller roads for pedestrians. I can’t get off the Island without a car!!!

The aim is to start the day, at least four times a week, with minimum 10,000 steps. Some mornings I walk around in circles near where I live, and other mornings I get a lift from M into the city, where I can walk in long straight lines.

I really enjoy my city walks – and it’s a city full of surprises and hidden gems. It is a complete joy watching the women in black running along the Corniche, groups of people meditating in Lake Park, and highrises and flamingos along the Eastern Mangrove National Park.

In Danish magazines there has recently been a number of articles about weight loss through walking 30 mins a day. This is not news to me – I have previously successfully lost weight by walking – but it is a good reminder, and since I loathe running, it’s nice to have it reconfirmed that walking is also beneficial.


I am not a patient person, AT ALL! And I am being tested all the time …

or so it feels …

or is it a sign that I should take a deep breath and not worry too much  …?

Maybe I should start saying Inshallah as well, and live by it.

Inshallah means ‘if God wills’, and is used to express a notion of ‘well, can’t guarantee that it will happen’.

… I’m still waiting!

This cat understands it!

A little bit about a new lamp:

If you like the industrial look check out Craft by Two. I came across them at a market in IMG_4957
Dubai some months ago and had to buy this fantastic desk lamp Steampunk 05.

I was really impressed with the service – the lamp, including the light bulb, was delivered to my door after a couple of days and the communication with Craft by Two was excellent.

Having the right lighting is a big part of Hygge, which is becoming known world-wide. Lamps, dotted around the room, is the easiest and quickest way to create a ‘hyggelig’, i.e. warm and cosy, atmosphere. And this desk lamp was just what we need to do so in our living room.

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