Recipe: Broccoli salad with apple and hazelnuts

Let me start from the beginning … one of the great things about living in AD is being able to cook outside and we have a  grill and a rotisserie oven in the garden. Actually the main reason why we have this is because the oven in the kitchen is a gas oven and I just can’t get used to cooking in a gas oven (I have tried!!!).img_4503

So to make up for the lack of a (well)functioning oven we decided to purchase a grill and a small electrical oven, which also happens to have a rotisserie function; and it’s been great!

And now you are probably thinking, what does that have to do with a broccoli salat? Well, I am always looking for new inspiration as I always seem to throw together the same old, plain side salad … and it’s getting boring. So when I came across this recipe in Friday’s newspaper I thought, why not give it a try and the combination of sweet apple and strong onion works really well. The original recipe has bacon in it – I left it out this time (sacrilege, I know). Instead I decided to cook a whole chicken on the rotisserie to serve with the salad – hence the introduction about my kitchen in the garden.


(serves two people)

250 g of mixed salad leaves
250 g broccoli
1/2 red apple
1 tbsp lemon juice
25 g hazelnuts
1/2 small white (salad) onion


2 tbsp white balsamico condiment
50ml (1/2dl) olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
black pepper

Mix the dressing ingredients together.

Cut the broccoli into florets. Fill a pot with water and bring to the boil. Add the florets and cook for 4 minutes to blanch the broccoli. When done, empty the broccoli into a colander and leave to cool.

Wash the salad leaves, and pat them dry. Roughly chop the hazelnuts and toast them lightly on a dry pan. Thinly slice the onion. Core the apple and cut into thin slices, drizzle with lemon juice to stop the slices to go brown.

Toss all of the ingredients together in a bowl and pour over the dressing. Serve immediately.

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