Recipe: Cucumber salad with dill

Let’s talk cucumbers – just because I love them and I have four plants growimg_4428ing in my garden. So I am hoping that later in the season I will be able to pick my home-grown cucumbers and make many more (delicious) dishes with this fruit. Yes, it is actually a fruit.

To be honest there really isn’t anything genius about this particular recipe, expect that it is sugar free and still as delicious as the cucumber salad my grandmother used to make, which was full of sugar. It is a fresh and light side dish and can be served with burgers, steak, and even roast chicken. Whatever you fancy, really.


1 cucumber
200ml (2dl) white balsamic condiment
50ml (1/2) dl water
1 tbsp finely chopped fresh dill
plenty of freshly grated pepper

Thinly slice the cucumber using a mandoline or some other slicer and place in a bowl. In a separate bowl stir together the rest of the ingredients and then pour over the cucumber slices and mix well.

Serve it immediately after you make it, or let it marinate in the fridge for a few hours. The flavours will be a stronger if you let it sit. I like it both ways.

You can also use white vinegar instead of the balsamic condiment but I prefer the condiment – I find its taste to be softer than vinegar, but you can add a little bit of sweetener if you find the taste too vinegary. 

And that’s really it – enjoy!

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