Garden Update: Growing Frenzy

It’s been 4 weeks since I made up my mind about what I wanted to do with my new garden, and because of the sun, warm weather and a lot of water I can’t believe how little time it has taken me to establish a rather (if I may say so myself) impressive vegetable garden.

I started with item 3 on my garden to do list because I am so lucky that there is a 12m long raised bed in the garden which gets plenty of light but only a couple of hours of direct sun every day.

So the first step was to remove the Purple Heart plants that were already there; only leaving a bit to one end as I had noticed that they attract a lot of bees. Removing the Purple Hearts revealed a lot of sand mixed with bark chips and I decided to give the future vegetable garden a helping hand – so I loosened around the first 20cm sand and mixed in plenty of eggshell (for calcium), more bark chips(to retain moisture) and finally multi-purpose compost.

The next step was to plant the seeds, I had decided to go for courgettes (long and round), tomatoes, and red peppers. I planted the seeds into small pots which I had dug into the ground and then got ready to start the sprouting waiting game. To my big surprise the courgette seeds sprouted within a 3-5 days and as they in that short amount of time also had established some rather impressive roots I was able to plant them out within the first 7 days. The tomatoes followed within a couple of days and after 10-12 days the pepper plants were ready to be moved as well.

As everything continued to grow and at a very rapid speed I became more ambitious and planted beans too. So far nothing has come up so I probably have to admit a beans defeat, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed that suddenly they will appear.

Nevertheless, I decided to give cucumbers and aubergines a go and to my big relief the cucumbers have behaved exactly like the courgettes and they are already in the ground. The aubergines are taking a bit longer but are definitely on their way up too.

So far I have kept more than I need – even though a number of people have already expressed an interest in homegrown vegetables – and I will either have to expand the garden or get rid of perfectly healthy plants (which pains me). I guess the learning curve is to sprout less seeds at a time and since I am able to grow vegetables almost all year I do not have to go all in over the winter.

Please keep your fingers crossed for lots and lots of homegrown vegetables.


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