The five most popular recipes

Before publishing the blog in its new format I also checked the stats and I was happy to see that it still had a lot of views in 2016, in spite of it not being active.

So I got curious about which pages are the most viewed and this is the Top Five:

No. 1: Pofiber – perfect for baking – and a recipe for low carb tortillas. I had not expected this post to be the most popular especially because I can see that the search terms are ‘pofiber’ or ‘pofiber in english’ and not LCHF tortilla, as I would have expected. I have added to my to-do list to look into if pofiber has become more readily available since writing the post in April 2015.

No. 2: Continuing the bread theme is the LCHF Sandwich Bread recipe. This doesn’t particularly surprise me as I know that bread recipes are always popular, and this does actually work really well as a bread substitute – so if you haven’t tried it yet … happy baking!

No 3: Crispy LCHF nuggets – again a ‘sort of ‘bread related post and, as such, not a huge surprise. Finding substitutes for bread crumbs is a challenge in low carb/LCHF, and personally I am not a fan of using pork rinds as breading, but ground almonds (almond meal) work really well*.

No 4: Courgette frittata with feta & mint. I did not expect this recipe to be so popular, but I’m really happy that it is! This is still one of my favourite frittatas – the mint gives it that little bit extra and it is a really nice side dish.

No 5: Again a surprise – parsley and walnut pesto. I doubt it is the ‘French moments’ that have made this post number five on the list and if you haven’t tried the recipe yet – just do it!

*Seeing how Pofiber is a popular subject I will have to experiment with using that as bread crumb substitute as well.


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