Goodbye … for now

After a lot of consideration I have decided to stop blogging – I am such a time optimist and I have to accept that with a full time job, family and friends, and my other interests there just aren’t enough hours in the day to take the blog in the direction I had hoped for.

When I started the blog almost a year ago my personal circumstances were very different from what they are now – I can’t complain about having an uneventful life – and it looks like 2016 will bring even more changes and adventures.

So … If, and hopefully when, I have more time I hope to start again as it has been a great experience! And I want to thank you for your follows, likes and comments! It’s been great to know that there is an audience out there.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye … for now

    1. Thank you, and to you too. One plan is to spend more time on my allotment – I have ambitious plans and dream of lots of homegrown vegetables 😆


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