Summertime … and I decided to take it easy! 

All of a sudden I needed a break which is why it has been quiet on the blog for a little while. Keeping a diary of my Whole30 challenge didn’t inspire me much – it is testing, trying and inventing new recipes that keeps me excited and motivated to continue blogging.

Having said that I really enjoyed the Whole30 challenge and the visible results. In fact we enjoyed it so much that we have decided to take up another challenge in September and this time we will also add 2-3 weekly visits to the gym. I must admit that besides walking 12.000-15.000 steps every day I am notoriously lazy …

An interesting observation – even though August is not a dairy and sugar free month both M and I have not been exaggerating in any way. I have been looking more forward to having cheese than chocolate!!! … I still haven’t had a piece of chocolate but the Greek salad with feta was absolutely delicious!

So moving forward I will be going back to posting recipes on a regular basis – a lot of them will be paleo and whole30 compliant, and most of them also suitable for low carb and LCHF. I will tag the recipes clearly to avoid any confusion.

As always comments, ideas and suggestions are welcome!

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