Whole30 Challenge – Day 7-9

A whole week plus a couple of days … and we’re doing really well. I have had some sugar cravings and M is still feeling hungry between meals, and we probably have to start eating more fat. So I decided to try to make mayonnaise but let’s just say that the result is not edible … and I even tried twice with different types of vinegar and oil. The first attempt with cider vinegar and olive oil is just too vinegary and the second attempt with white wine condiment and avocado oil has a unpleasant earthy taste, that I do not enjoy at all. Does anyone have a recipe that they can recommend?

Day 7

Breakfast: another Danish omelette with green pepper, spinach, and ham which kept me going until lunch.

Lunch: a can of tuna, salad made of sweetheart cabbage, cucumber and tomatoes. It was so dry that I couldn’t finish it and will have to remember a dressing next time I have tuna.

Dinner: dinner on the other hand was really nice, Mexican spiced minced beef with lettuce, peppers, fried courgette and a chili guacamole – yummy!

After dinner we cycled to the local pub and we each had a pint of … sparkling water! It was still lovely to sit outside and enjoy the nice evening.

Day 8

Breakfast: ham slices with pepper and leftover guacamole

Lunch: salad with walnuts, chicken, and bacon

Dinner: meat feast BBQ with lots of vegetables and strawberries with vanilla powder for dessert

Day 9

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon and vegetables

Lunch:  I actually skipped lunch today as I wasn’t feeling hungry – I think that’s a first for me! I did have a small handful of almonds around 4 as I felt a bit peckish

Dinner: roast chicken with sweet potato chips and a tomato salad

The chicken was from our meat box and it was full of flavour, I am really happy with the with everything we have tried so far and I have ordered our next monthly box to be delivered soon. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon prepping food for next week and will be posting a couple of recipes next week.

5 thoughts on “Whole30 Challenge – Day 7-9

  1. I can make mayo. Haven’t tried to make it paleo yet but it doesn’t seem to hard. I use a kitchen aid stand mixer and I think that’s best. If you don’t have one mix like crazy with whatever mixer you have. Crack an egg in the bowl and start mixing on the highest speed. Add about 2 table spoons vinegar or lemon juice, salt, and sweeter if using. Slowly start adding oil, you want a mild taste so I think olive might be best, not extra virgin. Dribble it slowly so it has a chance to emulsify. It takes a bit more or less each time I think eggs may not be exactly the same.

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    1. Thank you Duchess 😀 this is really helpful. I will try with some ligther tasting olive oil and lemon juice – hopefully that will give me a flavour that I like. Planning to have low carb burgers tonight and it would be great to have them with mayo.


  2. I recall seeing a delicious-sounding recipe for mayo at the Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off site. Your spicy mexican beef sounds good. I make something like that and then eat it with cauliflower Spanish rice and melted cheese over all.


    1. Yes, that does look good. Thank you for the tip. It seems like lemon and a not extra virgin olive oil is the way to do it. Spanish cauliflower rice sounds good – do you have a recipe?


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