Whole30 Challenge – Day 4-6

This has been a good week … food wise and weather wise! The Whole30 challenge is working wonders and London is boiling, the house is boiling, I’m boiling but the garden is lovely so am spending as much time as I possibly can there.

Day 4

It started really well, but in the afternoon I got the cravings … the dreaded I want my Black & Greens 85% Chocolate cravings! Luckily I was stuck in the office otherwise I think I might have given in. M is taking it all in his usual relaxed stride and his biggest challenge is to eat enough vegetables to feel full after dinner.

Breakfast: spinach frittatas, avocado and peppers

Lunch: lunch boxes that we forgot to bring with us Monday, so spinach frittatas, avocado and peppers

Dinner:  it was about 30 degrees so they appetite wasn’t big, so ended up snacking on tomatoes, peppers and left over bacon-wrapped turkey

When it had cooled down a little outside I made minced turkey and courgette fritters, inspired by the chicken and courgette fritters from the 30-minute paleo meals, by Melissa Petitto … and I have just realised that I have not taken a photograph of them even though we had them for several of our meals this week … but I will be making them again as they were delicious.

Day 5

Slept very heavily, but a good sleep and felt refreshed when I woke up in spite of a very warm summer’s night. Had breakfast in the garden as it was already about 20 degrees (and we could look forward to 36 in the city center). The sugar cravings had disappeared and I am feeling full between meals – I think it is more in my head that I want a snack mid morning, but it takes time to break old habits…

Breakfast: beef burger with fried egg and avocado

Lunch: salad of lettuce, tomatoes and peppers with turkey and courgette fritters

Dinner: the same as lunch as we were spending in evening in the allotment – it was too hot to do much other than watering the very thirsty, and thriving, plants and eating our dinner boxes in the shade

Day 6

Quite similar to day 5 – slept well, and was been full of energy all day. No cravings but like Morten I felt a bit hungry after dinner. Oh, and we have been adopted by the shy cat … it comes to visit every evening now and even though it won’t let us touch it, it is feeling a lot more comfortable around us.

Breakfast: Danish omelette with bacon, spinach and green pepper

Lunch: salad of lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes, a vinaigrette dressing, with yes, more turkey and courgette fritters

Dinner: Chicken thighs with greens, literally, courgette with a mint vinaigrette, and sautéed sweetheart cabbage made with clarified butter

2 thoughts on “Whole30 Challenge – Day 4-6

  1. I just finished whole30 and it was so great! I definitely fell off the wagon on my vacation and need to get back on track because I had much more energy and slept better. Hope it goes well for you!

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