White Cabbage Salad with Walnuts and Feta

Another theme in the last couple of weeks, besides resisting the temptation to eat too many of the baked goodies, has been walnuts. I think they are a really good snack, and because of the slightly bitter taste I usually don’t eat that many. Almonds, that on the other hand is a completely different story – in particular these liquorice flavored almonds.

Ok, back to walnuts … it has been said that they are the healthiest of nuts and not only are they full of fibre and protein they are also loaded with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids which among a lot of other things boosts the immune system. Read a lot more about the health benefits of walnuts on Superblogfood.

I often add walnuts to salads and this combination with cabbage, feta, parsley and lemon juice is beautiful!


Serves 2-3 people

1/2 head of white cabbage
1 large handful parsley
100g feta
50g walnuts
Juice from one lemon
2tbs olive oil

Salt and freshly ground pepper

Chop cabbage, washed parsley, and walnuts and put in a bowl. Mix the lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper in a small bowl and use to dress the salad. Enjoy right away or leave for a few hours to let the dressing infuse with the cabbage. Mix in the feta just before serving.

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