Hot Chocolate … two ways

Some may say that the season for hot chocolate is over, but in my world nothing beats a good cup of hot chocolate. For me it is the perfect comfort food, yes, I said food, because the first recipe for a LCHF hot chocolate is literally a meal in itself. It took me awhile before I worked up the courage to try it, because the thought of drinking raw eggs did put me off. I am not a coffee drinker at all but I guess it is similar for those of you who drink coffee with butter. However, it only took one taste of the LCHF chocolate and I was convinced – and even better, it keeps me full for a long time.

The second (cheat) recipe is for those days where you just need that cup of hot chocolate to make everything a little bit better.

LCHF hot chocolate


Makes one large glass

1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp granulated sukrin
1 large tbsp of coconut oil (I use the one with flavour as I like a hint of coconut)
1-2 eggs
300-400 ml (3-4 dl) boiling water

With a hand blender mix the cocoa powder, sukrin and coconut oil together with 1 dl boiling water. Add the egg(s) and mix well. Pour in the remaing boiling water while blending. Pour into a cup or glass and serve immediately.

So far I never ended up with cocoa scrambled eggs (knock on wood).

Comfort Hot Chocolate (the fast way)

Since I found these 100% cacao flakes (with no added sugar!) in the supermarket I must admit I haven’t bothered to make my own mix of cocoa powder and sukrin. 

Now I just follow the instructions on the back, using whole milk (of course), add a tablespoon of granulated sukrin and voila – a lovely, strong cup of hot chocolate! 

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