Happy Easter! Marzipan Eggs

Easter is a time to relax and enjoy that Spring is almost upon us. I’ll be in Denmark this year and I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and friends. And also to have one or two traditional Danish Easter lunches with all the trimmings. We usually have lots of fish, herring, salmon and prawns, some sort of lamb and obviously Danish meatballs.

Danish Easter is also Easter eggs, as in chocolate eggs. As a child my siblings and I would send gækkebreve to other family members, usually to our grandparents, who would then pretend that they couldn’t guess who had sent them and we would receive a chocolate Easter egg in return. Gække roughly translates into “to guess”, and brev is “a letter.” We would cut patterns into a piece of paper with a scissor and then write a short rhyme: “Mit navn det står med prikker pas på det ikke stikker” which, again roughly, can be translated into: My name is in dots (prikker) be careful it doesn’t sting (stikker) you. Sorry, but I can’t get it to rhyme in English.

Even though it has been possible to buy over 70% chocolate eggs in the shops the last couple of years this Easter I decided to make my own, using homemade marzipan covered with 70% chocolate. I like 85% too, but thought it would be a bit to bitter and too much of a contrast to the sweet marzipan. I wouldn’t consider the marzipan LCHF, but it’s definitely low carb. I use Sukrin as a sweetner as they are natural products made from Erythritol and it does not affect blood sugar levels.


Makes 10-12 small eggs

100 grams ground almonds
2 tbsp granulated sukrin
1/4 tsp almond extract
2 tbsp egg white
50 grams of dark chocolate (at least 70%)

Orange Flavour

Makes 10-12 small eggs

100 grams ground almonds
1.5 tbsp sukrin gold
1/4 tsp almond extract
2 tbsp orange juice (freshly squeezed)
50 grams of dark chocolate (at least 70%)

Mix the ground almonds and the sukrin in a bowl. Add the almond extract and the egg white/orange juice a little at the time. The paste must not get too wet, so it may not be necessary to use all of the egg white/orange juice. When mixed together roll the paste into 10-12 small eggs.  Place them on a small plate, cover and leave to cool in the fridge for 10-15 minutes. This makes it easier to cover them in chocolate. Melt the chocolate over boiling water, and roll the eggs in the melted chocolate until completely covered. Carefully place them on a silicone mat/baking paper. When they have dried slightly, drizzle with your choice of decoration, it should be wet enough to stick to the chocolate. 

I used freeze dried raspberry, toasted hazelnut, and lemon and orange zest.  


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