My Allotment Adventure

This is a tale of black birds and robins singing, of beautiful sunrises and of feeling at one with nature in the middle of hectic London

or is it rather, a tale of warfare on slugs, unbeatable weeds, and how to stop the *!$%! fox from digging up my strawberries.

To be honest it is a enjoyable mix of the two, natures challenges have made me think very creatively about how to solve them and I do enjoy a quiet morning digging away while the birds come to have a breakfast feast on worms. It has been a lot of hard work and it has taken me a couple of years to get to where I am now, and there is still a lot to do (I am only about half way), but I keep reminding myself … one step at a time; no matter how small the step is.

Sometimes I’m still wondering why I decided to take on the challenge of clearing a completely overgrown plot just to be able to grow some vegetables that I can buy in the local supermarket. Particularly because I’ve never been much of a gardener; in fact, I thought gardens were something that was lovely to sit in on a nice summer’s day, and a complete pain when your parents asked you to mow the lawn. And yet, here I am excited about dirty nails and the prospect of slug invaded lettuce, half eaten cauliflowers (if any at all), monster courgettes … and all of that is absolutely fine because I growing my own real food!

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