Strawberry Milkshake

I went to the local food market the other day, and there were lots of strawberries. A bit early in the season, and unfortunately not local strawberries, but the sun was shining, it’s spring and I’ve been wanting to try out an idea for a milkshake for quite some time now.


makes around 4 dl

6-8 ice cubes
150g of fresh strawberries
200ml (2 dl) of Greek yogurt (10%)
1/2-1 tsp of vanilla extract

Put the ice cubes and the strawberries in the blender and use the ice crusher until all of the ice has been crushed. Add the Greek yogurt and the vanilla extract and blend until smooth. Pour in a large glass and it’s ready to enjoy.

My thought was that the natural sugars in the strawberries would give it plenty of sweetness, and I was quite happy with the result, after I added some vanilla extract. I haven’t had much sugar in the past 5 years so my sweetness radar is very likely to be completely off, so for a more sweet milkshake add a bit of liquid sweetner.

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