Sweetheart Cabbage Simplicity

Cabbage is a bit of a controversial subject in my home and the opinions are very divided – a love/hate relationship, really. I like it very much and Morten absolutely hates it, so I have to be creative in how I can include it in my cooking. Often I end up having it as a side dish, e.g. as a bread (recipe to follow) and if I fancy it as part of the main dish, I will make it when the cabbage hating person in my household is away.

So imagine my delight when M, a bit uncertain, asked me, what the green stuff was on my plate. He had obviously recognised it as being some sort of cabbage, but somehow it was different and he was a bit curious about tasting it. And yes! he liked it! And it is so easy to make that it now often features on our dining table.

I guess the difference is that sweetheart cabbage (aka five pointed cabbage) has a sweeter and more tender texture than most cabbage.


1 sweetheart cabbage
25 grams of butter
salt and pepper to taste

I sometimes add lemon zest or a crushed clove of garlic is also very tasty.

Add the butter to a heated pan, and let it melt. Make sure it doesn’t brown. Chop the cabbage and add to the pan. Stir until all of the cabbage is covered in butter, and cook until tender (about 5 minutes); and voila!

We had it with sausages (97% meat) and lots and lots of mustard.

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