Danish Omelette (Æggekage)

When I have a bit extra time in the morning I like to make an æggekage … I wasn’t sure how to translate æggekage into English, and hey, it’s actually called a Danish omelette. Very apt, indeed! The Danish version is a bit more dense than the traditional omelette, and still very tasty.

As a child, and living in Denmark, we would have omelette for dinner, served with lots of bacon, chives, tomatoes and ryebread with butter …. very traditional and absolutely delicious. I have adapted the original recipe, which includes flour, so it is suitable for a low carb diet. I have also added a lot more vegetables, and you can add all of your favourites – I’m certain we all have our own way of making an omelette. An added benefit is that this omelette can keep me going for a long time – usually into the early afternoon.


serves 1 person

2 eggs
2 tbsp double cream
a small handful of cheese
a little bit of butter
2 slices of ham
2-3 mushrooms
1/4 red pepper
a small handful of fresh spinach
salt and pepper to taste

Add a bit of butter on a pan, when melted add the chopped mushrooms, peppers and spinach. Fry until slightly soft, them add the ham.

Whisk together eggs, cream, and cheese. Add salt and pepper. Pour the egg mix over the vegetables in the pan. Cover with a lid, and turn the heat all the way down; cook until the eggs are done.

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