The Joy of Food

I like food … no, actually – I love food and I also enjoy cooking, which makes a great combination. For a number of years I have mostly been eating low carb and LCHF – it is not a diet, but a lifestyle – and most of the recipes on this blog will be inspired by either of those principles.

The way forward – for me at least – is a diet based on lots of vegetables, proteins from meat, eggs and cheese, and fats from oil, nuts and butter. I am not a fanatic in any way, but I know from experience, how much better and healthier, I feel when I am not eating starchy foods and sugar.

That being said I still cook potatoes, rice, cakes with flour and sugar, and in particular my beloved cinnamon rolls (recipe will be posted), for my family and friends, simply because I enjoy cooking.

I try to avoid too much processed food, and would love to be able to make most of my food from scratch but have reluctantly accepted that I don’t have the time or fantasy to make everything myself. If I am in a hurry I will buy a jar of pesto sauce as well as other basic prepared foods – so I am definitely no saint, and I am a strong believer in that people should do what works for them.

So far there are only a few recipes on the blog, but I promise more will follow. My plan is to post new recipes and tips often, so check back regularly. And if you try something from my blog, let me know how it goes; I’d love to hear from you!

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